Barkham Village Residents Association

The theme this time is a simple one – “Capital Cities” of independent nations. Each question or answer will feature the name of a capital city, although links may be more or less obtuse!

  1. Q.What is the southernmost capital city in the world?
  2. Q. ….…and the northernmost?
  3. Q. What is this a definition of: “A psychological response wherein a captive begins to identify closely with his or her captors, as well as with their agenda and demands”?
  4. Q. Where would you be if you crossed the Chain Bridge over the Danube? 
  5. Q. Which legendary figure eloped with Helen, queen of Sparta, which was one of the immediate causes of the Trojan War?
  6. Q. In which city is the football club Benfica based?
  7. Q. In Mussorgsky’s “Pictures at an Exhibition”, in which city is the Great Gate? 
  8. Q. Who won the men’s 1500 metres at the 1980 Moscow Olympics? 
  9. Q. Yerevan is the capital of which former Soviet state?
  10. Q. And finally, one for the film buffs! At the end of the Scottish film “Gregory’s Girl”, 2 of Gregory’s friends set off to (unsuccessfully) hitchhike to a city where they have heard that the women greatly outnumber the men. Where? Clue – it’s a long way from Scotland!

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