Barkham Village Residents Association

We’ve roamed the world on previous quizzes so this time we’re closer to home to test your local knowledge. The first 8 questions are about Barkham and the final 2 Wokingham.

  1. Q. There is an entry for Barkham in the Domesday Book (survey). In what year was the survey completed?
  2. Q. The Bull Alehouse (now The Bull inn) was initially also the location where which trade was practised?
  3. Q. In which decade (or the year if you’re really clever!) did the trade (in question 2) cease and the premises converted into a restaurant?
  4. Q. Which is oldest – St James’ Church or the nearby Church Cottages?
  5. Q. In which decade was Elizabeth Park built?
  6. Q. Most streets in Elizabeth Park are named after trees or shrubs/bushes. Which 3 are not?
  7. Q. What is the name of the stream which runs through Barkham and which river is it a tributary of?
  8. Q. There are a number of listed buildings in Barkham but only two “mansion houses”. Which are they?
  9. Q. Which Wokingham school did Princes William and Harry attend?
  10. Q. Which Wokingham-born actor initially found fame in the film “About a Boy” and went to make many TV and film appearances, including “Beast” in the X-Men films?

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