Barkham Village Residents Association

The newsletter is produced quarterly. The first two quarters of the year (Spring and Summer) are sent free of charge to 850 households in Barkham parish, and the other two to the households who are paid-up BVRA members, which is currently just over 660. 

We offer four sizes of adverts all of which include membership of the BVRA. All sizes are in mm and the format is landscape apart from full page which is portrait. The prices are shown below and cover a whole year’s advertising in our four editions.

    • Credit Card 64 x 54 £20.00
    • Quarter Page 124 x 105 £50.00
    • Half Page 190 x 130 £100.00
    • Full Page 270 x 190 £200.00

Please use our contact form to contact the Newsletter Editor to discuss your needs

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