Barkham Village Residents Association

With the Christmas holiday coming up shortly, I hope you will have time to work on this quiz. As a result, the theme for this issue is ‘time’ itself. As you expect, the questions are in roughly chronological order!

  1. Q. Which are the only two measurements or units of time that are created by nature itself?
  2. Q. Who was responsible for introducing the leap year?
  3. Q. In which year will we next skip a leap year?
  4. Q. Who invented the first ‘marine chronometer’ – a clock sufficiently accurate to navigate at sea?
  5. Q. For many years each town in the UK set their clocks locally. In 1840 it was decided that all clocks should be synchronised to London time. Why?
  6. Q. The town hall clock tower in Chester has a clock on three faces. Which face of the tower (North, South, East or West) has no clock face and why is this the case?
  7. Q. Who wrote ‘The Time Machine’?
  8. Q. Russia has eleven time zones. How many does China have?
  9. Q. Which was the first country to introduce daylight saving measures nationwide and in which year?
  10. Q. On which Pink Floyd album will you find ‘Time’?

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