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After the drama of the recent US Elections, I thought we’d have a theme of US Presidents for this issue.  Some were real life presidents, some fictional. 

  1. Q.  Ronald Reagan was an actor before moving into politics.  In which 1951 film did he “co-star” with a chimpanzee?
    A. Bedtime for Bonzo
  2. Q. Which President pardoned Richard Nixon?
    A. Gerald Ford
  3. Q. Bill Pullman played President Thomas J. Whitmore in which 1996 film blockbuster?
    A. Independence Day
  4. Q. Which president was nicknamed “Ike”?
    A.. Dwight D Eisenhower
  5. Q. Who played the president in the film Air Force One?
    A. Harrison Ford
  6. Q. Four US presidents have won the Nobel Peace Prize but which was the only one to have won after he left office?
    A. Jimmy Carter
  7. Q. Which president did Robin Williams play in Night at the Museum?
    A. Theodore Roosevelt
  8. Q. “Assassins” is a musical about the people who have attempted (successfully or otherwise) to assassinate the US President, from Abraham Lincoln to Gerald Ford.  Who wrote this musical?A. Stephen Sondheim
  9. Q. “Hanging chads” was a term few people had heard of until it was at the core of a disputed UK Presidential election.  Who won the election, whom did he defeat and which state was the centre of the controversy?
    George W Bush bear Al Gore in 2000.  The state was Florida - coincidentally(?) Bush’s brother Jeb was the governor.
  10. Q. Who was president when the US war in Vietnam ended?
    A. Richard Nixon
  11. Q. ……and finally, we have to have a Trump question.  According to the Washington Post (Fake News!) how many “false or misleading statements” did Donald Trump make in the 4 years of his presidency?  Award yourself a point if you are within 5000 of the number!
    A. 30573




A. Stephen Sondheim

A. George W Bush bear Al Gore in 2000.  The state was Florida - coincidentally(?) Bush’s brother Jeb was the governor.

A. Richard Nixon


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