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As I write the general election canvassing is in full swing and by the time you read this election day will probably be over. So, what better topical subject for this edition’s quiz than – Elections!

  1. Q. What sang (loudly) “I wanna to be elected” in 1972?
    A. Alice Cooper
  2. Q. In which UK elections is the Single Transferable Vote system used?
    A, Northern Ireland Assembly (also Scottish local government elections)
  3. Q. Which party won the first UK elections after the Second World War (1945)?
    A, Labour
  4. Q. Who won the French presidential election in May and whom did they beat in the run-off?
    A. Emmanuel Macron beat Marine Le Pen
  5. Q. In UK politics, where might you stand to become an “AM”.
    A. Wales - Welsh Assembly
  6. Q. What is psephology?
    A. The statistical study of elections and trends in voting. For example, Professor John Curtice is a well-known expert who appears on the BBC regularly to talk about polling trends
  7. Q. In which decade did women get the same voting rights as men in the UK?
    A. 1920s (1928)
  8. Q. What was the change to the voting age resulting from the Representation of the People Act in 1969?
    A. Reduced from 21 to 18 years old
  9. Q. Which Prime Minister won the largest parliamentary majority since the Second World War (and a bonus point for the year) 
    A. Tony Blair (1997)
  10. Q. And finally, the current electoral hopefuls (or winners/losers by the time you read this) have a range of mind-numbing soundbites and slogans but who coined the phrase “you’ve never had it so good” or more accurately “most of our people have never had it so good”?
    A. Harold Macmillan (1957 speech and at the 1959 election)

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