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Whilst we will stay well clear of politics in this publication (national ones at least), I do try to make the quiz themes vaguely topical from time to time. As the question of whether we should remain in the EU and the planned referendum is getting plenty of press as I write, the theme for this edition’s quiz is “Europe”. 10 questions, each featuring at least one different EU member state (some more than once):

  1. Q. In which city is Google’s European Headquarters?
    A. Dublin
  2. Q. Which of these countries is a EU member – Norway, Bulgaria, Iceland?
    A. Bulgaria
  3. Q. What nationality is the footballer David Silva?
    A. A. Spanish (plays for Manchester City)
  4. Q. If you were standing on the Charles Bridge, in which European capital would you be?
    A. Prague
  5. Q. Two of the states of the “former Yugoslavia” are now members of the EU. Name them.
    A. Croatia and Slovenia.
  6. Q. Which country is famous for “Vinho Verde”?
    A. Portugal
  7. Q. Where will the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest take place (clue: this country has won it 3 times, once with a very famous song).
    A. Stockholm (Abba with “Waterloo” is the famous song
  8. Q. What was the name of the Polish trade union, formed in 1980 and whose leader became President of Poland in 1990. For an extra point, name the leader.
    A. Solidarity and Lech Walesa
  9. Q. In Italian cuisine, what is a “Calzone”?
    A. A stuffed/rolled pizza
  10. Q. And finally, the GCSE Geography question! The Danube passes through (or borders on) 7 EU countries. How many can you name? If you can also name the 3 non-EU countries it passes through please send in your entry to Mastermind!
    A. EU countries: Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria. Non-EU: Serbia, Moldova, Ukraine

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