Barkham Village Residents Association

The theme this time is numbers 1-10. Each question or answer includes a number between 1 and 10. Simple!

  1. Q. Which Boy Band was formed in 1997 by the same team that had managed the Spice Girls?
    A. Five (or 5ive)

  2. Q. The Social Democratic Party (SDP) was founded in 1981 by Labour Party “moderates”. Known as the “Gang of 4”, they were Roy Jenkins, Shirley Williams, David Owen and who else?
    A. Bill Rodgers

  3. Q. What number shirt was regularly worn by Geoff Hurst and (now) Wayne Rooney when playing for England
    A. 10

  4. Q. What is the answer to this equation: Number of sides of (Reading theatre + US Defence Headquarters building – Bolton theatre) = ?
    A. Hexagon (6)+Pentagon(5)-Octagon(8) = 3

  5. Q. There were officially 9 planets in the Solar System until one was reclassified in 2006. Which one?
    A. Pluto

  6. Q. Name 5 of the 7 Deadly Sins! A bonus point for all of them (naming, not practising!)
    A. Wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony

  7. Q. What number links Norman Greenbaum (“Spirit in the Sky”, Toni Basil (“Mickey”), Carl Douglas (“Kung Fu Fighting”), The Archies (“Sugar Sugar”) and many more acts?
    A. They all achieved No1 in the UK Charts but are all “One Hit Wonders”

  8. Q. How many mules were there for Sister Sara in the film starring Clint Eastwood and Shirley MacLaine?
    A. 2

  9. Q. By what name is the 1967 Arab-Israeli conflict often known?
    A. The Six-Day War

  10. Q. And finally, as Christmas is approaching… many “Maids-a-Milking” are there?
    A. 8

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