Barkham Village Residents Association

This time the theme is “Parts of the Body”, although as always some of the links may be tenuous!

  1. Q. Which Scottish rugby player of the 1980s and 90s has the same name (although spelt differently) to one of the stars of Starsky & Hutch?
    A. David Sole

  2. Q. Which Celtic folk song features the lines “Step we gaily on we go. Heel for heel and toe for toe. Arm in arm and row and row…”
    A. Mairi’s Wedding (other spellings available!)
  3. Q. In Horse Racing, what is the shortest winning margin called?
    A. A Nose

  4. Q. Which English actor played the part of Giles in the long running US TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer?
    A. Anthony Head

  5. Q. Who succeeded Michael Foot as Leader of the Labour Party?
    A. Neil Kinnock

  6. Q. “Good Morning Starshine” is a song from which musical?
    A. Hair

  7. Q. Guy Garvey is the lead singer of which band?
    A. Elbow

  8. Q. In 2007 Damien Hirst created an infamous work called “For the Love of God” containing 8601 diamonds which was on sale for £50m. Which part of the body was it modelled on?
    A. Skull

  9. Q. “General Tom Thumb” appeared in the productions of which American showman?
    A. PT Barnum

  10. Q. In which US State would you find the Finger Lakes?
    A. New York



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