Barkham Village Residents Association

As I write this a storm has just finished but another one is due in tonight. The Lodden is overflowing everywhere and we can only think ourselves lucky we don't live on the Somerset Levels at the moment. So....a topic for the quiz springs to mind – the weather! As ever, the connections between the topic and the questions may be tenuous!

  1. Q. Who had a hit in 1982 with "It's raining men"?
    A.  The Weather Girls

  2. Q. George RR Martin's book series "A Song of Ice and Fire" has been made for television under what title?
    A.  A Game of Thrones

  3. Q. How are TV presenters Peter and Dan Snow related? For a bonus point what is the connection between Peter's news journalist cousin and the answer to question 2 above?
    A. Father (Peter) and son (Dan). Jon Snow (Channel 4 News) is Peter's cousin and Jon Snow is also a character in A Game of Thrones.

  4. Q. What links the hurricane which devastated New Orleans in 2005 and the UK winner of the Eurovision Song Contest in 1997?
    A.  Hurricane Katrina/Katrina and the Waves

  5. Q. What is this a definition of; "a part of the ocean near the equator abounding in calms, squalls, and light shifting winds"?
    A. The Doldrums

  6. Q. "The Fog" is a 1980 horror film (remade in 2005) from the director of "Halloween". What is his name?
    A.  John Carpenter

  7. Q. Zero degrees Fahrenheit is pretty cold, but what (to the nearest degree) is that in Centigrade?
    A.  Minus 180C.  ((0F -32)*5/9 = 0C))

  8. Q. Windy Miller is a character is which children's TV series?
    A.  Camberwick Green

  9. Q. Superintendent Mullett appeared in which long running TV police drama?
    A.  A Touch of Frost

  10. Q. Which band collaborated with David Baddiel and Frank Skinner on the England football song "Three Lions"?
    A.  The Lightning Seeds

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