Barkham Village Residents Association

The Anniversary Quiz

To celebrate 25 years of the BVRA, a bumper quiz with one question for each anniversary year from 1988 to 2012!  

  1. Q. 1988.  Where were the summer Olympics held?

  2. Q. 1989.  Who succeeded whom as US President?

  3. Q. 1990.  Who beat Argentina 1-0 to win the FIFA World Cup?

  4. Q. 1991.  The Silence of the Lambs was a worldwide box office hit but who wrote the book on which it was based?

  5. Q. 1992.  Which Latin term did the Queen use to memorably describe her year in a speech in the Guildhall in November?

  6. Q. 1993.  Frank Zappa died.  What was his band called?

  7. Q. 1994.  Who released their debut album, “Definitely Maybe”?   
  8. Q. 1995.  Who conducted the (in)famous Panorama interview with Princess Diana? 

  9. Q. 1996.  Who replaced Terry Venables as England football manager? 

  10. Q. 1997.  Who won the Eurovision Song Contest with “Love Shine a Light”?

  11. Q. 1998.  Which two Irishmen won the Nobel Peace Prize? 

  12. Q. 1999.  Who exhibited “My Bed” at the Tate Gallery?

  13. Q. 2000.  Who became the most expensive British footballer in an £18m transfer from West Ham to Leeds? 

  14. Q. 2001.  Who resigned from the cabinet for a second time? 

  15. Q. 2002.  Spike Milligan died this year but in which country was he born?

  16. Q. 2003.  The final film in the Lord of the Rings trilogy won 11 Oscars but what was its title?

  17. Q. 2004.  Which British athlete won Olympic gold medals in the 800m and 1500m?

  18. Q. 2005.  Following the 7/7 terrorist attacks, what was the name of the innocent Brazilian shot by police in London 2 weeks later?  

  19. Q. 2006.  Daniel Craig made his debut as James Bond – in which film?

  20. Q. 2007.  What memorable phrase did George W Bush use to greet the British Prime Minister at a G8 meeting in St. Petersburg? 

  21. Q. 2008.  Adele’s debut album went straight into the charts at number 1.  What was it called?

  22. Q. 2009.  Where did US Airways Flight 1549 carry out an emergency landing?

  23. Q. 2010.  What was the name of the BP drilling rig which where an explosion and fire started a major oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico? 

  24. Q. 2011.  Lucien Freud died this year.  What relation was he to Sigmund Freud?

  25. Q. 2012.  Reading FC have been promoted back to the Premier League.   How many seasons did they stay up last time they were promoted?


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