Barkham Village Residents Association

The theme this time is “AKA” – Also Known As.  I have used this theme before, but it was in 2013 so it’s time for a revamp (with different questions)!

  1. Q. One of the greatest ever footballers is Edson Arantes do Nascimento but by which (shorter) name does the world know him?
  2. Q. The teacher Gordon Sumner adopted which (perhaps snappier) name prior to becoming a rock star?
  3. Q. Staying with rock stars and one of the most successful bands in the world, how are Paul Hewson and David Evans better known?
  4. Q. Ellis Bell was a pseudonym used by the author of Wuthering Heights when it was first published.  Who was she?
  5. Q. The crime novelist Robert Galbraith is a pseudonym used by which author very famous for another series of books?
  6. Q. William H Bonney was the real name of which famous American outlaw?
  7. Q. What was the pirate Blackbeard’s less threatening real name?
  8. Q. What is Bruce Banner’s green alter ego?
  9. Q. What was the Leslie Charteris character Simon Templar’s “holy” nickname?
  10. Q. What is the fitness instructor Derrick Evans MBE better known as?

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