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We have lost an unusually large number of (mostly outstanding in their field) famous people in the entertainment world this year so far. Here is a selection to test your memory!

  1. Q. David Robert Jones died on 10 January 2016. How was he better known?
  2. Q. On 14 January, we lost Alan Rickman. He appeared in many plays and films but which character did he play in the Harry Potter films?
  3. Q. Terry Wogan also died in January. Which quiz show did he present from 1979-83?

    The next 4 people all left us in March:

  4. Q. Ronnie Corbett was mainly famous for being (a small) half of the Two Ronnies. However, he first worked with Ronnie Barker (and John Cleese) in which mid 60’s satirical programme?
  5. Q. Keith Emerson was the keyboard player in prog-rock “Supergroup” Emerson, Lake and Palmer(ELP). Which band did he leave in 1970 to join ELP?
  6. Q. Sir George Martin was often known as “the Fifth Beatle”. Which record company was he employed by when he started working with the Beatles?
  7. Q. On whose chat show was Debbie McGee asked “What first attracted you to the millionaire Paul Daniels?”

    ....and the final 3 in April.

  8. Q. Who was born in Minnesota and died there on 21 April, aged 57.
  9. Q. The Two Ronnies had a famous “Four Candles” sketch but who wrote an equally funny (funnier?) “Two Soups” (and died in April) and who performed it?
  10. Q. And finally…., Barry Howard died in April. In the 1980’s he appeared in Hi-de-Hi! as a ballroom dancing instructor with his screen wife. What were the names of their characters?

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