Barkham Village Residents Association

A “metallic” theme this time (hopefully obvious when you read the questions)!

  1. Q. How many gold medals did (Sir) Chris Hoy win at the Beijing Olympics?

  2. Q. Which comic character had a dog called Snowy and was assisted by Captain Haddock?

  3. Q. Which metal is extracted from bauxite?

  4. Q. What connects Tony Stark and Robert Downey Jr?

  5. Q. Which Music Hall song features the lines “You look neat.  Talk about a treat! You look so dapper from your napper to your feet”?

  6. Q. Joanna Lumley played “Sapphire”, but who played “Steel”?

  7. Q. Which other metal is added to steel to make stainless steel?

  8. Q. In which 1980s TV comedy series did Timothy West play the despotic Bradley Hardacre?

  9. Q. What links the Lone Ranger’s horse and a film starring Gene Wilder and Richard Prior?

  10. Q. Copper and tin are the main constituents of which alloy?


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