Barkham Village Residents Association

An unusual theme this time. The answers to the questions start with the letters from the first half of the alphabet. There are 10 questions but 13 letters, so 3 of the questions have 2 word answers – but all in alphabetical order. It may sound complicated, but it isn’t really!

  1. Q. The first animal, alphabetically speaking
  2. Q. “Old Big ‘Ed”
  3. Q. German city, twinned with Coventry
  4. Q. The cow in The Magic Roundabout
  5. Q. One of the longest words in the English Language (29 letters) – meaning “the estimation of something as valueless”
  6. Q. Racing driver whose son also became Formula One World Champion
  7. Q. Dr Jones’ State?
  8. Q. Vaughn Williams ballet music – “A Masque for Dancing”
  9. Q. English film director who worked in TV initially but directed many films. Famous for “Kes” in 1969 through to “I, Daniel Blake” in 2016.
  10. Q. Sauron, Dark Lord of…..…where?

Click here to reveal the answers

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