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A simple theme this time – the answer to each question is one (or more) UK Cities.  10 questions, 18 cities

  1. Q. The cathedral of this city houses the largest Mappa Mundi known to exist and also a copy of the Magna Carta.

  2. Q. The Elizabethan series of Blackadder featured a terrifying “baby eating” bishop plated by Ronald Lacey.  Of which 2 English cities was he the bishop?

  3. Q, 3 answers for this question.  Which are the northernmost, westernmost and southernmost UK cities?

  4. Q. In which city did Two-tone music originate in the late 1970s, featuring bands such as The Specials?

  5. Q. The oldest city in Wales also achieved temporary (perhaps lasting) fame from the Fiddlers Dram song about having a lovely time on a day trip

  6. Q. Which Yorkshire city was the birthplace of Alan Bennett?   For 2 bonus points, at which college at which university did he graduate with a first-class degree in history (2 more cities here)? 

  7. Q, Which city’s (stunning) cathedral is known as the “Ship of the Fens”

  8. Q, Which city on the north bank of the Firth of Tay has 2 professional football clubs?

  9. Q, Which 2 cities sit within the boundaries of Greater London?

  10. Q. There are 3 “saintly” cities in the UK.  Name all 3.

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