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We’ve all been “locked down” for nearly a couple of months at the time of writing so the topic for this edition’s quiz is “Where in the World”; places you may have been or want to go when the crisis abates.  This our first attempt at a “pictures only” quiz – hopefully you’ll enjoy it!  Some questions should be reasonably easy but anyone who gets all (or nearly all) the answers (without Google) get a (virtual) gold star!

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  1. Q. Starting off in the UK – who’s head is this?
    2020 2 1

  2. Q. Venturing into the Southern Hemisphere for one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world.  What is it called and where is it?
    2020 2 2

  3. Q. North from Q2 (quite a long way), what is the name of this structure, in which country is it and which people built it?
    2020 2 3

  4. Q. Back in the UK, this marks an event.  Where is it and what was the event?
    2020 2 4

  5. Q. A long way south, where is this signpost?
    2020 2 5

  6. Q. North to Asia, this is “a rose red city half as old as time”.  What is the name of the ancient city, in which country is it and what is the name of the building in the photo?
    2020 2 6

  7. Q. Back across the Atlantic, this is the famous house of the third President of the United States.  What was the name of the president, what is the name of his house and in which State is it?
    2020 2 8

  8. Q. Now to Africa – where is this and what is it called?
    2020 2 9

  9. Q. North again – this spectacular waterfall is one of many in this country.  Which country and if you’re really clever, what is the name of the waterfall?
    2020 2 9

  10. Q. Finishing back in England, this building is said to have been part of the inspiration for a gothic novel.  What is the building and what is the novel?
    2020 2 10 

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