Barkham Village Residents Association

As we don’t have the usual social event photos due to the coronavirus, the quiz is stepping in with another picture version! This one has half and half UK and worldwide. Some easy, some maybe not so! Starting in Britain………….

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1. Q. Which English cathedral is this? Clue – it has a famous “imp”.
2020 3 1

2. Q. This colourful Scottish town was named after a Womble (or was it the other way around?) Name the town and the island where it is situated.
2020 2 2

3. Q. This is a view from an English bridge. Which one?
2020 3 3

4. Q. No points for recognising this is Stonehenge. But the archaeologists got excited this summer when the source of the large stones was found to be about 15 miles from the site. What are the large stones called?
2020 3 4

5. Q. This totem pole is from British Columbia, but where is it situated, not many miles from Barkham?
2020 3 5

…….and moving further afield

6. Q. This unusual fishing method can be found in which country?
2020 3 6

7. Q. This is “Evita’s” tomb. In which city?
2020 3 7

8. Q. This is the inside of a building perhaps more famous for its external view. What is it?
2020 3 8

9. Q. An iconic site! What is it and in which country is it situated?
2020 3 9

10. Q. This is the Temple of Concordia at Agrigento, one of the best-preserved Greek temples to be found anywhere. However, it’s not in Greece – where in the Mediterranean would you find it?
2020 3 10

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