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Still no Social Event photos for the centre spread due to Covid 19 so here is another picture quiz.  The questions are a diverse mix of UK and worldwide locations.  Something for all tastes, hopefully!

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  1. Q. This is known as “Bobby’s Bus Shelter” named after a local schoolboy.  On which most northerly UK inhabited island would you find it? 
    2020 4 1

  2. Q. This claims to be the smallest Visitor Centre in the world and as it’s in a disused phone box it would be hard to argue!  It is near the site of the Battle of Flodden.  Which English monarch was on the throne when the battle took place (you may be able to see the year in the photo if you look carefully)? 
    2020 4 2

  3. Q. Another battle - this is part of a 360 degree panorama of a famous battle in Belgium.  Which battle? 
    2020 4 3

  4. Q. There are 2 photos for this question:
    1.  is the house of a famous naturalist
      2020 4 4a
    2.  is a stretch of water off South America named after the ship on which he travelled.
      2020 4 4b
      Who is he and what is the name of his house and the stretch of water? 

  5. Q. Whose memorial is this and where would you find it? 
    2020 4 5

  6. Q. The home of a “Great Briton”.  Who was he and what is the name of his house?
    2020 4 6

  7. Q. Located on the island of Staffa, which composer wrote an overture inspired by this geological feature and what was the overture called?
    2020 4 7

  8. Q. This is the first house in the world to be lit by hydroelectricity. What is the name of the house?
    2020 4 8

  9. Q. Another two photos for this question, both taken from high viewpoints.  Both are football World Cup stadiums. 9a was newly built in 2010 and 9b (very famous in the football world) opened for the 1950 World Cup and featured again in 2016. Can you name any (or all!) of the countries, cities, names of stadiums or viewpoints?
    2020 4 9a

    2020 4 9b

  10. Q. ..and finally, this very romantic poster (seen on Valentine’s Day) is in a Spanish speaking country in Central America.  Bordered by Honduras and Guatemala which country is it?
    2020 4 10

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