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The theme this time is “American States”. Each question refers to a (different) state of the USA.

  1. Q. Which is the largest US state by area?
    A. Alaska
  2. Q. In which state is Amazon’s HQ?
    A. Washington (Seattle)
  3. Q. In the Simon & Garfunkel song “America”, on which road are they “counting the cars"
    A. New Jersey Turnpike
  4. Q. In which state is Cape Cod? 
    A. Massachusetts
  5. Q. Niagara Falls is part of the boundary between Canada and which US state?
    A. New York
  6. Q. In which state is the HQ of the Church of Latter Day Saints?
    A. Utah (Salt Lake City)(Mormons)
  7. Q. Which state has produced (i.e. born there) the most US Presidents, starting with George Washington? 
    A. Virginia (8)
  8. Q. Where did Holly originate from in Lou Reed’s “A Walk on the Wild Side”? 
    A. Miami FLA (Florida)
  9. Q. In which state was Martin Luther King assassinated?  
    A. Tennessee (Memphis)
  10. Q. And finally…..which state can claim infamy by giving The Donald the greatest percentage share of the vote in the 2016 presidential election? Clue: The state capital is Cheyenne.
    A. Wyoming

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