Barkham Village Residents Association

Each answer in this issue’s quiz contains a family relationship.

  1. Q. On which Dire Straits album does ‘Money for Nothing’ appear?
  2. Q. By what name is Dacaena trifasciata also known?
  3. Q. In which 1970 film did Sarah Miles play the character in the title role?
  4. Q. What relation sounds like a biscuit and a French city?
  5. Q. By what name is Rafael Nadal’s first tennis coach affectionately known?
  6. Q. By what name is a person who is a target for insults or criticism known?
  7. Q. Elvis Presley starred in a 1964 film. What was it called?
  8. Q. Which track on the Rolling Stones’ Sticky Fingers album contains strong references to drugs?
  9. Q. Which character in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales was married five times?
  10. Q. What relationship does ex-footballer Frank Lampard have to Harry Redknapp?

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