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For this edition, a topic close to my heart (or stomach!) and probably that of many Barkham residents – FOOD!  

  1. Q. “Food, Glorious Food” is a song from which musical?

  2. Q. What is the primary ingredient of guacamole? 

  3. Q. We are generally accepted to have 5 different types of taste: sweet, sour, salty, bitter and….what is the fifth one?

  4. Q. Which meat is usually used in Lancashire Hot Pot?

  5. Q. What is the famous Welsh delicacy laverbread made from? 

  6. Q. What is biltong?

  7. Q. “If music be the food of love, play on” is a line from which Shakespeare play

  8. Q. Jalapeno is a type of what?

  9. Q. What is Cullen Skink

  10. Q. And finally, (and obscurely!)…… a classic Red Dwarf episode, The Cat pretended to be “Bhindi Bhagi” in an attempt (unsuccessfully) to fool an aggressive alien.  Those curry lovers among you may have eaten Bhindi Bhagi many times, but which vegetable is “Bhindi”?


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