Barkham Village Residents Association

We hope you have been enjoying the holiday season. In this issue the theme of the quiz is about places you might have visited on holiday, or perhaps not!

  1. Q. What is the largest city on the island of Vancouver
  2. Q..Mahe and Praslin are the largest islands in which group?
  3. Q..The ownership of which island is shared between France and the Netherlands
  4. Q..The government of which island is called Tynwald
  5. Q..Emperor Napoleon was exiled to which island in 1814?
  6. Q. The Isaac Newton optical telescope was originally installed in Herstmonceux Castle in Sussex in 1967. To which island was it moved in 1984?
  7. Q. Which island sold its top-level internet domain name for commercial use and what is this domain name?
  8. Q. Which island produces 75% of the world’s vanilla”?
  9. Q. Stanley is the capital of which islands?
  10. Q. Of which island is Sapporo the capital?

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